Saturday, 5 February 2011

Barrosa/Chiclana (II)

The battle continues like in the real life.

Wheatley's brigade has deployed into line under the protection of the Barnard's Flankers, deployed in its extended order unusual (in Lasalle terms, at least) formation. Leval is trying to form a line by turning at right.

In the British right flank, Ruffin's first line (his three line battalions) are descending from hill to attack the weak Dilkes's first line, the Browne's Flankers, that are covering the deployment of the British Guards. The French Converged Grenadier battalions and the artillery remain in the top of the hill.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Walloon Guards are covering the British right flank and with the help of the JGL/Spanish cavalry are menacing to break the French line between Ruffin and the French outflanking detachment.
The real fight is about to start!

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