Monday, 7 February 2011

Barrosa/Chiclana (III)

Barrosa/Chiclana is diverging now from the actual battle.

The Wheatley's brigade is attacking Leval. However, the lack of space for deployment is avoiding that the British will use all their firing capacity, although the Royal Foot Artillery is carrying out that role with great effect.

In the center of the battlefield, under the watching eyes of the French converged Grenadiers, the Ruffin's infantry has routed the Browne's Flankers, after these had succesfully covered the deployment of the brigade of British Guards,

Meanwhile, the outflanking French detachment has been wiped out. The KGL Hussars have finished the 2/9me. Legere battalion in a previous move and now, with the help of the Spanish Granaderos a Caballo, the French 1me. Dragons has been also broken.
The French left flank is in danger!

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  1. Huzzah! It looks like General Graham will still earn his title Duke of Boar's Head Hill!