Friday, 27 May 2011

Shameful brutality of the Catalonian police

The Catalonian police acting with brutality before pacific demonstrators of the 15-M

Sometimes I feel ashamed to live in the same country that some political leaders!


  1. As despicable as the actions of the Catalonian police are, I can't help thinking that their actions are quite mild compared to those of the Syrian and Yemeni authorities.

    I suppose that it's all relative and in a western democracy you don't expect such brutality on unarmed, unresisting protest which is a basic right of the people.

  2. Disgusting!!!!!! Those police are nothing but state paid thugs..exactly like in so called "undemocratic" countries like Syria, yemen, etc. For whatever reason the protesters were there it has no call for such violence. Democracy? Where is democracy? If the big busineses feal threatened they use their puppet politicians to smooth the way.
    I will put this video up where ever I can....

  3. Scary. Obviously the idea is to intimidate the protestors, but, apart from being inhuman, it's short-sighted and ultimately counter-productive. People don't forget.

    In future people will be more likely to come armed and protected, which makes everything worse, and - in the foreseeable future - how much general public support for the police is there likely to be? Next time the police complain that they do not get help from members of the public, remind them of this film.

  4. I agree
    There is a BIG difference with the actions and protests of Yemen or Syrian people, which are fighting and dying for the lives and the future of theirs and their sons. (incidentally this is ONE of the reasons of the protest: the hypocrisy of western politicians. As there is is not oil in those countries, the UN, NATO and such don't attack the dictators to defend the people!)

    I am sufficient old to remember the brutality of Franco, the Spanish fascist dictator which habitually launched HIS police agains the people. But my sons, born in democracy are involved in similar peaceful demonstrations in other towns. They are not used to see OUR police, that all we respect and are grateful, to attack peaceful and unarmed people that only want to change the way in which politics is made in our country.

    The situation is different. Spain is not Yemen and now there is a democracy.... but I am very angry (I don't find another sufficient strong English word) with the Spanish politicians.

  5. I'm sorry if my remarks were insensitive. I tend to forget how recent the end of the Fraancco regime was.

    There can be no excuse by any government to use force on unarmed, non-violent protesters.

  6. Hi Rosbif
    My apologies: my english is so tense and strong that my words seem sometimes too hard!
    Don't worry amigo!
    Best sincere regards

  7. Una vergüenza. Pero ya se sabe que los moços de esquadra son muy aficionados a dar palos. No se si hubo detenidos, pero no me gustaría estar en su lugar.