Sunday, 29 May 2011

Problems with Blogger and IE8

I am having many problems these days with Blogger.
I go to a Blogger blog and comment, and instead of my username being there I have to pick "google account", which then takes me to the login screen, where I login and I get taken to the comment form again. Then I type the word verification, and click post, and it takes me to the login screen again. Then after I login again it takes me to the comment, and I have to start all over again. Sometimes I finish out of Blogger again
I know that other users are having these same troubles (See known Blogger issues). I have found a very simple solution: Use Mozilla Firefox instead Microsoft Internet Explorer.
This solution is O.K. for me and my troubles for logging and commenting seem finished... at least by now!


  1. Curioso... yo estoy teniendo problemas con Firefox. Desde que instalé la versión 4, me desapareció la configuración que ya tenía, y la poágina del blog no me carga por completo, no me aparecen las casillas de ususario y contraseña, y no puedo acceder. Así que ahora lo hago desde Google Chrome.

  2. I have the exactly the same problem on my laptop with IE8. Fortunately we have kept this old computer!

  3. And me - this is something new since yesterday, so presumably a Windows update has screwed something up. IE8 is now also using more CPU resource than you would believe - the fan on my desktop machine keeps cutting in!

    Am using Firefox, as recommended - don't like it an awful lot, I have to say, but at least it works.


  4. I suspect the problem is in Blogger. I'm using Firefox because I was fed-up with crashes in Explorer, everything fine but then the configuration of my blog suddenly changed to 1 entry post per page (no multiple entries anymore), it was impossible to sign-out and also it has dissappeared in other guys' blogs favourite lists. In other words, "estoy hasta las bolas de Blogger"

  5. Things don't work any better in IE 9 either.
    So I've been using Google Chrome to create new blog posts for my blogs for a while now.

  6. Same problem with IE7, it works OK with Chrome