Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wiederitzsch: a draw battle

The battle of Wiederitzsch has finished after 32 turns, i.e. aproximately 4 hours of fight. Since none of the contenders did reached its moral broken level, the battle is a draw.
The French-Baden light cavalry is protecting the retreat of the French foot artillery towards the small bridge, whereas the Russian cavalry is watching and the Russian infantry has become entangled in the wood.

The French centre is solidly anchored between the stream and Gross Wiederitzsch

In the French left flank, the French light cavalry and horse artillery are keeping the Russians bottlened.

All in all, the Russians have been left without reserves and although the battle is technically a draw, the French position seems more solid.


  1. Hi Rafa - 32 turns seems a long fight, how long did it take you to play in real time?


  2. Hi
    Around 6 hours along three weeks.
    My time of play is limited to week-ends.