Sunday, 5 June 2011


Blondie is an American rock band that first gained fame in the late 1970s and has so far sold over 60 million records. The band was a pioneer in the early American new wave and punk rock scenes. Its first two albums contained strong elements of these genres, and although successful in the United Kingdom and Australia, Blondie was regarded as an underground band in the United States until the release of Parallel Lines in 1978. Over the next three years, the band achieved several hit singles and was noted for its eclectic mix of musical styles incorporating elements of disco, pop and reggae, while retaining a basic style as a new wave band.
Lead singer Deborah Harry achieved a level of celebrity that eclipsed other band members, leading to tension within the group that led to its disbandment in 1982, although the band reformed in 1997, achieving renewed success and a number one single in the United Kingdom with "Maria" in 1999.
Today they are considered one of the most interesting and influential bands of the Punk Rock, become the unique musical group that has secured numbers one in three decades consecutive.
The video above features "Dreaming", the lead single from their fourth album Eat to the Beat released in 1979, and the video below features "Sunday Girl" from the album Parallel Lines (1978).

Taken from Blondie (band). Wikipedia
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  1. Qué curioso... llevo varios días con la canción Heart of Glass en la cabeza.

  2. Love Blondie; I had the Parallel Lines album when it came out. Regards, Dean

  3. Nice Rafa - your post took me back. Met her and her band when she came out to Australia (I think just after releasing 'Heart of Glass'). I was impressed with her as she was the star but didn't seem to have any ego about it - in fact we had a great time after their gig. Blondie were real pros as musicians and seeing them perform live was fantastic.

    Muchos gracias amigo for the trip down memory lane!


  4. Ah the good old times... I was not so lucky to meet Blondie