Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More old pictures of Badajoz

Watch more amazing old pictures of Badajoz published by Miguel Angel Garcia in his blog!
He also has made an exhaustive study about the English siege of 1812, including old documents as well as photographs of the today ruined walls and bastions. The study is in Spanish but the graphical material is worth a visit!


  1. The photos really show how difficult and deadly it must have been for the attacking forces to breach the wall and why the attacks from the south failed. All those bastions provide enfilade flank fire on attackers. It must have been reminiscent of a WW1 trench charge against machine-guns!

    Is that a stadium or bull ring in the bastion in the first photo? Good use of the space!

  2. Brilliant photos Rafa - shows how formidable it was - no wonder the British suffered such horrendous casualties taking it. Their lack of proper siege equipment makes you wonder how on earth they managed it. You can see a relatively small force, well supplied, could hold out for quite a long time against a much larger enemy.