Monday, 20 June 2011

Le Bois de Paris: The OOB's

I have used the historical units for both the Prussian (15th and 16th brigades of the IV Corps) and French sides (VI Corps and the Domon and Subervie cavalry divisions).
Regarding the Prussian forces, I am not sure about to use
either the 15th or the 15th and 16th Brigades in the game. It is a sensible question that must be answered before the play starts, because the composition and strenght of the Prussian columns clearing the wood, is depending from that choosing.
On the contrary, there is not any question about the
French forces., that will be used as a pool, from which the adequate unit will be extracted following the die roll (See the previous post). (Edited: Not all the French units of the OOB will be on the table)

Prussian forces
IV Corps Bulow

15th Infantry Brigade Losthin
18th [6th Reserve] Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment: (3 battalions)
4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment: (3 battalions)
6-pdr Foot Battery 14 (8 guns)
2nd Neumark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (3 squadrons)
3 and 4/3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (2 squadrons)
6th [2nd Schlesian] Hussar Regiment (4 squadrons)
6-pdr Horse Battery 11 (8 guns)
Detached: 1 and 2/3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment (2 squadrons)

16th Infantry Brigade Hiller
15th [3rd Reserve] Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
1st Silesian Landwehr Regiment (3 battalions)
2nd Silesian Landwehr Regiment (3 battalions)
6-pdr Foot Battery 2 (8 guns)
12-pdr Foot Battery 13 (8 guns)

French forces
VI Corps Mouton

19th Division Simmier
1st Infantry Brigade Belair
5th Line Regiment (2 battalions)
11th Line Regiment (3 battalions)
2nd Infantry Brigade Thevenet
27th Line Regiment (2 battalions)
84th Line Regiment (2 battalions)
1/8 Foot Artillery (8 guns)

20th Division Jeanin
1st Infantry Brigade Bony
5th Light Regiment (1 battalion)
10th Line Regiment (2 battalions)
2nd Infantry Brigade Tromelin
107th Line Regiment (1 battalion)
2/8 Foot Artillery (8 guns)

Auxiliary Horse Artillery Company (6 guns)

3rd Light Cavalry Division Domon
1st Cavalry Brigade Dommanget
4th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)
9th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)
2nd Cavalry Brigade; Vinot
12th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)
4/2 Horse Artillery Company (6 guns)

5th Light Cavalry Division Subervie
1st Cavalry Brigade Colbert
1st Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (4 squadrons)
2nd Chevau-Legers-Lanciers Regiment (4 squadrons)
2nd Cavalry Brigade Merlin
11th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment (3 squadrons)s
3/1 Horse Artillery (6 guns)

More to follow


  1. For all action as a prelude to Placenoit, that is a pretty big OB, how big is the OB for Placenoit. I am looking forward to this one.


  2. John
    I am not sure if use the 15th braigade alone, or the 15th and 16th brigades. For the French, all these are 'posible' units.