Saturday, 25 June 2011

The final? OOB for 'le Boi de Paris'

After some trials with EXCEL spreadsheet, that confirmed the statistical predictions, I have decided;

(1) To use only the
full (i.e. with all its attached units) 15th Prussian brigade in its role of advanced-guard of the Prussian IV Corps

Prussian IV Corps
Bulow (+1/*)

15th Brigade Losthin (+/*)
Lobell (-1/-)
1/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2
2/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2
3/18th Infantry Regiment R/E/SK2
Thile (-1/-)
1/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
2/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
3/3rd Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
Massov (-/*)
1/4thSilesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
2/4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
3/4th Silesian Landwehr Regiment U/A/SK1
6pdr Foot Battery #14 Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Falckanhauser (+1/*)
1/2 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A

6pdr Horse Battery #11 Horse/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Brauer (-/-)
3/4 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A
Eicke (+1/-)
6th Hussar Regiment V/E/Pu
Haslingen (-1 /-)
2nd NeuMark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment S/A

To increase the theoretical frecuency of appearance of French units from 33.3 % (1 and 2 on a 1D6 roll) to 50% (1, 2 and 3 on a 1D6 roll)

The infantry and foot artillery units will be taken successively from the 19th and 20th divisions of the Lobau's VI Corps and the cavalry and horse artillery units successively from Domon's and Subervie's cavalry divisions.

French VI Corps
C-i-C Lobau (+1/*)

19th Division Simmier (+/*)
1st Brigade Belair (+1/*)
1/5me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/5me Ligne R/E/SK2
1/11me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/11me Ligne R/E/SK2
3/11me Ligne R/E/SK2
2nd Brigade Thevenet (-/¶)
1/27me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/27me Ligne R/E/SK2
1/84me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/84me Ligne R/E/SK2
1/8 Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

20th Division Jeanin(+1/*)
1st Brigade Bony (+1/-)
1/5me Leger R/E/SK2
1/10me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/10me Ligne R/E/SK2
2nd Brigade Tromelin (+1/-)
1/107me Ligne R/E/SK2
2/8 Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Auxiliary Horse Battery Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

3rd Light Cavalry Division Domon(+1/+)
1st Brigade Bony (-1/-)
4me Chasseurs a Cheval R/E/Pu
9me Chasseurs a Cheval R/E/Pu
1st Brigade Bony (-1/-)
12me Chasseurs a Cheval R/E/Pu
4/2 Horse Battery Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

5th Light Cavalry Division Subervie (+1/+)
1st Brigade Bony (-1/-)
1me CheLeg Lanciers R/E/Pu/la
2me CheLeg Lanciers R/E/Pu/La
1st Brigade Bony (-1/-)
11me Chasseurs a Cheval R/E/Pu
3/1 Horse Battery Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Next, the actual Prussian columns and the shape of the tablemap!

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