Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Le bois de Paris (III)

Several French infantry units have appeared to face the Prussian advance, including the 1/84e de Ligne that had emerged from the wood and menaces the right flank of the Prussian vanguard.

The French line is successfully halting the Prussian advance, while the rest of the units of the Prussian main column are deploying and supporting the efforts of the vanguard.

Meanwhile, the 2/11e de Ligne remains isolated in the Aywers Abbey, closely watched by the 3/4th Silesian Landwehr.

A bloody fight is raging between the Prussian and French infantry units, with several alternatives, but with the French generally having the upper hand.

The stakes are high!


  1. If the main Prussian column breaks-are there any more troops to carry on the fight?

  2. Yes... This is a Lasalle battle so there are reinforcements. The Prussian 16th Brigade (well, part of it) may enter the table after the Prussian 15th Brigade was fully deployed.
    The rules are summarized at
    Le bois de Paris

  3. That is good, it was looking like a very short battle there for a while!

  4. Hi
    Remember this combat is only a Prelude... the real battle will be fougth after this introduction

  5. I've just caught up with your game after neglecting the internet (no time for internet surfing at work!. Exciting game, and if there's more to come I can't wait!