Saturday, 23 July 2011

Le bois de Paris (II)

The 1/5e de Ligne Regiment is facing the central Prussian column, thus buying time to allow for the rest of the Frech units to deploy. Deployed as an irregular unit, its fire is causing some troubles to the Prussians.

After the repulsal of the Landwehr cavalry (see previous post) it has rejected another assault, this time by the Prussian 2/4th Silesian Landwehr infantry battalion. The French are now supported by its sister batallion (2/5e Ligne).

At last, a mixed-arms Prussian attack, ends with its resistence.

However, its heroic performance has allowed to deploy other French units. The 2/11e de Ligne has deployed at the Abbey of Aywers and is facing the advance of the Prussian left flank columns.

And other two French infantry battalions (1/11e and 2/11e de Ligne) are deployed in the open terrain near Plancenoit.

However, tha Prussian main central column has deployed its vanguard facing towards Plancenoit, while watching for its right flank.

To be continued!

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