Saturday, 30 July 2011

Le Bois de Paris (IV)

The French battalion isolated at Aywers Abbey (2/11e Ligne) leaves quietly the village, retiring at full speed in march column towards the main French line.

The fight is very bloody and indecisive in the French left center, with vicious hand to hand combats. and continuous alternatives.

But the lack of French artillery support is making the life uneasy for the French squares, closely watched by the Prussian Landwehr cavalry.

At last, the French foot artillery is arriving, but is taken in march column formation by the indefatigable Prussian Landwehr cavalry.

The end is closer!


  1. Watching this with great interest and who would have thought you were a Bon Jovi fan.

  2. Hi
    Life is a continuous surprise!
    Best regards

  3. Good to see the Prussian Landwehr doing so well!