Monday, 1 August 2011

Le Bois de Paris (and V)

Domon's cavalry has arrived to the field and saves the foot divisional artillery with a timely countercharge.

The French frontline is stabilized by the arrival of new units, whereas the French cavalry tries to stop the Prussian advance in the right flank.

At last, the Prussians become clustered in their left flank while showing only a thin front line in the centre and right... a very dangerous situation...

The Prussian 16th Brigade is arriving in force but they are still far away from the line of fire.

And the end of the game arrives (after five additional turns!) As no Prussian units has attacked Plancenoit, and no side has reached its Moral Level break, followint the Lasalle ruleset, the battle is a DRAW BATTLE.
as the combat was fought in the context of the battle of Waterllo, the result can be considered a French tactical victory, because they have successfully delayed the Prussian attack to Plancenoit.

The Emperor will be pleased!

Edited (August 1, 17:50 h) : The A.A.R. and the battle album are available at the main web site. Go to Le Bois de Paris (1815)


  1. Now to deal with that pesky sepoy general....

    A great ending to another epic battle, Rafa!

  2. Not just Napoleon that's please - vive la France!