Monday, 15 August 2011

Lone Warrior web site

I have been an intermittent subscriber to LONE WARRIOR, the journal of the Solo Wargarmers Association (SWA) from the 80's onwards, when the SWA was based in Great Britain. I still own many old issues of those years in paperback (including the Gussie issues!). When the SWA moved to the USA, I got an internet subscription via the now defunct WARWEB, and after I subscribed again for a couple of years and then I ceased subscription, mainly by the expensive mail charges.
Today I have discovered that SWA maintains a web site and a blog, conveniently named LONE WARRIOR, so SWA is alive and well, and also that the paper magazine is still around.
However, I think that soloists usually want new ideas and not glossy pictures, so LONE WARRIOR is a good candidate to be converted to electronic format. I hope that SWA will make soon the change to an electronic downloadable journal!


  1. You still have the "Gussie" issues! I have been scouring the web for any mention of them, as alas I no longer have mine.
    Is there any chance of a copy?

  2. The issues are packed after the last house moving!
    I can try to find them. E-mail me to
    Best regards