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Russian Opolcheniye 1813

At last it seems like I don't will need to paint new figures to depict the Russian Militia (Opolcheniye or Opolchenie) units in October 1813. I did made some research, finding in the Nafziger's Napoleon at Lepizig book (Emperor Press, 1996) that, until the arrival of Chasteler's Austrians at October 20, the Allied units fighting against Saint-Cyr near Dresden, were:

Brigade: Generalmajor Seethal
3/Kaiser Infantry Regiment
3/Vogelsang Infantry Regiment
1/Czartorisky Infantry Regiment
4/Kollowrath (Landwehr Bn) Infantry Regiment

Russian Regular Units
Generallieutenant Markov III
l6th Division: Generalmajor Bulatov
Brigade: Generalmajor Sucharev
1/,2/,3/Neutchlot Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/27th Jager Regiment
1/,2/,3/43rd Jager Regiment

Russian Militia (Opolcheniye/Opolchenie) Units
Left Wing: Generallieutenant Ostermann-Tolstoy
Opolochenie Corps: Generalmajor Muromoc
1/,2/,3/1st Nishegorod Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/2nd Nishegorod Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/3rd Nishegorod Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/4th Nishegorod Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/Kasan Opolochenie Regiment
Position Battery #52
Pioneer Company, Capt. Shevitch
Opolochenie Corps: Generalmajor Titov
Brigade: Generalmajor Kashansky
1/,2/,3/1st Pensa Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/2nd Pensa Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/3rd Pensa Opolochenie Regiment
Brigade: Generalmajor Tshishkin
1/,2/,3/1st Riazan Opolochenie Regiment
1/,2/,3/3rd Riazan Opolochenie Regiment
Light Battery #64
1/2 Pensa Opolochenie 6pdr Foot Battery (4 guns)

Cavalry: Generallieutenant Tschlapitz

Nishegorod Opolochenie Cossack Regiment (5)
Kostroma Opolochenie Cossack Regiment (5)
Riazan Opolochenie Cossack Regiment (5)
Kasan Opolochenie Cossack Regiment (2)
5th Ural Cossack Regiment (5)
3rd Ukrainian Cossack Regiment (5)
Horse Battery #22

From the above units, the Austrian and Russian Regular units wore their typical white or green uniforms. The problem lies on the uniforms of the Russian Opolchniye. However, I found in the wonderful 'Mark Conrad’s Home Page - Russian Military History' site the following pieces of information:

-Nizhnii-Novgorod (Nishegorod)
: "In 1813, when the Nizhnii-Novgorod mass levy as over the border, soldiers in foot regiments received caftan coats and trousers of the previous pattern but in green, and similar cloth girdles, all with piping or trim of red cloth as for mounted soldiers in 1812. Along with this new uniform they were given infantry shakos of the current pattern, with cords and pompons, muskets, short swords, pouches, and accouterments,"
-Ryazan (Riazan): "In June and July of 1813, when the Ryazan mass levy was outside Russia, near Dresden, it received new uniforms similar to those for Army regiments, but no details are known"
-Penza (Pensa): "In the summer of 1813, when the Penza mass levy was outside Russia, it received uniforms of a new pattern, but no information has been preserved as to what it was exactly"

The de-facto standard book on Russian Militia Units, 'Brazen Cross of Courage' by Dr. Stephen Summerfield (Partizan press, 2007) gives similar information.

Therefore, it is very likely that Opolcheniye infantry units fighting near Dresden were virtually indistinguishable from Russian regular units.
So maybe, I could fight these combats with no remorse!

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