Friday, 26 August 2011

A Russian discovery: Viskovatov pictures

I am searching for Opolchenie flags in order to build the Ostermann-Tostoy corps and to fight the battles around Dresden in October 1813. Some examples can be found in the Summerfield book, but my resident Jomini, my Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc, who kindly made an internet search, has provided me with a powerful solution for the Russian Army.
Amongst the links found by me for Armand, it was a Russian site containing the pictures of the Viskovatov work about the Opolchenie: Historical description of the clothing and weapons to Russian troops. [Viskovatov] (Историческое описание одежды и вооружения российских войск. [Висковатов]). I can't read Cyrillic characters, but luckily the Russian numeration system uses the same digits than the ours! and I was able to match the Mark Conrad's Opolchenie Viskovatov traduction with the corresponding pictures found in the Russian page using the numbers given in the traduction with the depicted in the pictures. The flag shown above is the corresponding to the Pensa Opolochenie regiment as taken from the Russian site.
The method can be applied to all the Viskovatov work, because the Russian site contains all the Viskovatov pictures
A big discovery... at least for me!


  1. That's why I love the internet... how would we have found that information before?!

  2. What a fantastic find! I have 4 units of Opolchenie to paint as part of our Borodino project and shall be returning to this information soon!