Monday, 29 August 2011

Opolchenie flags

During the rainy evenings in the Pirineos Mountains (we are back again at Valladolid) I spent my time drawing flags for the Russian Opolchenie (Opolcheniye?) by using both the Mark Conrad's translation of the Viskovatov work and the flag drawings found in internet (See previous post).
The flags are (top to down) the corresponding to the Nizhnii-Novgorod (Nishegorod), Penza (Pensa) and Ryazan (Riazan) Opolchenie Regiments.

The tools I used were Powerpoint and Photoshop. The flags must be reduced in size to your convenience and then printed in a laser color printer.

Edited September 3, 2011
The information has been added to the main web site. See Opolchenie Flags


  1. I am very impressed with your computer skills Rafa!

  2. nice work Rafa, I will keep them in mind for a Russian project.