Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The armies deploy at Dresden

The opposing armies are ready for the battle.  
Ostermann-Tolstoi, the Russian C-i-,C has deployed his army in the heights, anchoring his left flank in Racknitz and the redoubt behind the village, whilth the cossacks watching the open terrain. The Russian open right flank is anchored on a redoubt garrisoned by regular Russian infantry. All the Russian artillery is in the front line while the Opolchenie is in reserve behind the first line or in the left flank.
The French army can be seen in the background, with the stronger 43e Division advancing from Dresden and facing Racknitz, whereas the 1e Division is facing the Russian right flank. Saint-Cyr hopes to smash the Russians with his infantry and finish the affaire with the cavalry.

Below you can see a battalion of the Russian Penza Opolchenie (Prussian reserve in disguise!) garrisoning a redoubt. 
For the Tsar and the Holy Mother Russia!

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  1. Hi Rafa

    Quite a few years ago I took part in a re-fight of Dresden. I played Saint Cyr and unfortunately the French lost that one! I will watch the battle unfold with interest.


  2. I like the Opolchenieconversions and look forward to the battle!