Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dresden (and IV): The combat is finished

The French pressure is continuous all along the line, and the Allied units are retiring from the field still facing the enemy, but sunset is approaching fast. The Allied have formed a new line with the help of the Austrian infantry, although the 2/1 N. Novgorod Opolchenie battalion is isolated behind the French lines (another candidate to the Surrender! rule).

In the central sector, the 1/27th Jager surrendered to the enemy so all Racknitz is now in French hands. The French columns are leaving the village, trying to cut the retreat line of the Russian Opolchenie and Cossacks.
In the left, the Cossacks are keeping their composure, protecting their foot comrades from the French light cavalry.
However sunset has arrived (i.e. not more additional turns were allowed!) with neither side having reached their Moral breakpoint. Although the Russians were left to only a single point of their moral break, the battle is a DRAWN. The night has saved the Russians form a sure rout!

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