Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dresden(III). The French attack

The French have launched an attack along all the front. The 1/43th Jager is broken by a joint attack of the French infantry, whereas the 2/43th jager and the Russian Opolchenie run to close the gap in the line.

The Austrian reinforcements have arrived and also advances to face the French and momentaneously stopping them.
However, in the center of the line, the French are breaking Russian battalions one after another. First the 2/Neutchlotizsky IR is taken in flank and broken.
And the 1/1 Ryazan suffers the same fate.
Racknistz is almost in the French hands, although the 1/27th Jager has been left behind and isolated (a sure candidate to test the new Surrender! rule)
Last, the situation in the left flank is becoming also dangerous for the Russians. The Cossacks are retiring befor the advancing French light cavalry, and covering the retreat of the foot Opolchenie.
Only a miracle could save the Russians!

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  1. Opolchenie and Cossacks! I'm guessing it'd be hard to defeat the French with them, even with regular support :-)

    Looks like fun trying, though!

  2. Hi Rosbif
    Efectively is very hard to use Cossacks in Lasalle: In the official ruleset they are irregular troops and are not allowed to charge any regular enemy. Their only use is to cover friendly units or avoid the fall back of enemy (bu placing themselves in the rear of the enemy)
    An very difficult thing, but it was funny!