Sunday, 11 September 2011

Surrender! An optional rule for Lasalle

Lasalle is a very vicious ruleset and no chances are given to units wishing surrender to the enemy. 
Evidently, as pointed out by Mycenius in the Lasalle Forum, "...surrender is part of the existing combat mechanic - it's just abstracted into the results so when a unit is eliminated it isn't necessarily wiped out to a man, it's simply no longer combat effective... Some or all may be dead or wounded, some deserted, some or all have surrendered, and the rest, if any, suffering from failed morale or will to fight... ". I agree but, there are situations in which an explicit call to surrender would be more feasible than the habitual fight. 
A such situation arisen during the play of Dresden: A Russian Jager battalion (see the accompanying picture) was left isolated and behind the French front line, when garrisoning a built-up area. The batallion was only one point away for break and it was surrounded by enemy units. A call for terms would be adequate. 
My home-rule (first approach) is to add 'Surrender!' as another allowed reaction to be taken during the Reaction phase.

REACTION: Surrender! 
WHEN/IF: An enemy unit charged your unit, is now in contact and you are surrounded by enemy units, so fall back is not posible. 
DISCIPLINE TEST REQUIRED: If a Superior Commander is also surrounded, add the general's vigor. If out of command, automatically add a -1 modifier. 
If it passes the discipline test, and the enemy accepts the surrender, the unit is broken and removed from play as usual, but it loses only ONE-HALF of its morale points (i.e. a normal unit will lose 1 point, a large one 1.5 points and a battery 0.5 points) 

In that way, a surrounded unit would have an incentive to surrender (taking away victory points from the enemy!). The other side, the previsible winner of the combat, will have a chance to avoid own losses and also to be civilized and magnanimous!
Any idea?

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