Monday, 12 September 2011

Dresden (II)

The fight in Dresden is becoming very fierce
The joint attack of several battalions of the Cassagne's 1e Division, has turned both flanks of the 1/43th Jagers forcing it to fall back. However, the Russian Position Battery #15 has destroyed Zschernitz, breaking the 1/12e Ligne, but the heights of the Russian right flank are now in French hands.

Meanwhile, in the central sector, the Russian 1/Neutchlovsky IR has been routed by another joint French attack, and also must to give way.

Last, in the Russian left flank, the Cossacks are moving back away from the Italian-French-Polish Light cavalry, that also has forced the Russian Horse Battery to limber up and to retire.

The French are sweeping away the Russians along all the line!

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