Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Altenburg (I)

The opposing armies have deployed at Altenburg.
Lefevbre-Desnouettes is defending the bridge with the Baden infantry closely supported by the Young Guard cavalry and the Guard Volante Artillery. Piré is covering the left flank while watching the Allied cavalry. Quinette's heavy cavalry (dragoons and cuirassiers) is in the rear right flank in reserve:

Platov is menacing the French center with his regular Austrians while trying to outflank the French with the mixed Austrian-Cossacks detachments:

The Allied cavalry crosses the stream in two points

While Piré falls back facing the Allied in the left:

And the Young Guard Chasseurs a Cheval routs the veteran ErzHerzog Ferdinand Hussars Regiment #3!:

To be continued....

Note. All the information about the Scenario is now on the main web-site

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  1. The Erzherzog Ferdinand Hussars really show up nicely on the table. Why is it the best looking units rout first?
    Good looking battle and good to see loads of cavalry fighting it out.