Friday, 9 December 2011

Altenburg (II). The reinforcements arrive

After their local triumph, the Young Guard Chasseurs à Cheval fall back along their comrades of the Grenadiers à Cheval, protecting the flanks of the retreating Baden infantry.

The Pire´s Hussars are facing the outflanking Allied cavalry which, after deploying the Austrian Levenehr Dragoons #4 Regiment in line, are ready to the combat with the help of the Cossack battery.

The first Allied reinforcements, the Prussians of the Thielmann's StreifCorps have arrived upon the right flank of the French Quinette's heavy brigade.

However, the French reinforcements also arrive throught the village of Rositz, far away of the actual battle.

A storm is gathering!


  1. Great stuff as usual Rafa.



  2. Interesting to see such a large number of cavalry on the table - makes a bit of a change to the 'normal' Napoleonic game.