Sunday, 18 December 2011

Altenburg (VI). A French tactical victory

The sunset arrived (i.e. no more additional turns!) and the combat is finished.
The Allied are maintaining a thin line with their right flank resting on Schelditz. The untouched Austrian Grenzer form the extreme of the line, with the intermingled Prussian cavalry and Cossacks at their left. Facing them, two of the Pirè's French Hussars are protecting the retreat of the only Young Guard cavalry unit, the Chasseurs a Cheval.

In the center of the Allied line, the lone Austrian ChevauxLegers Hohenzoller #2 is facing the whole Jacquinot's line Chasseurs a Cheval brigade.

The Russian Cossacks form the Allied left flank while, in the background, the Baden infantry and one French Pire's Hussar regiment can be seen scorting the French baggage, protected by the deployed Old Guard Volante (horse) artillery.

Another view, this time from behind of the French table side, showing the French superiority in the centre

The combat is technically a DRAWN BATTLE, but all the numbers are against the Allied: they were in the verge of the breakpoint after losing 6 cavalry regiments whereas the French losses only amounted to 3 cavalry regiments (although two were Young Guard units).
Additionally, if the number of lost bases is considered, the Allied (37) are again overcome by the French (23).
All in all, the Allied Streifcorps have been no capable to rout a French inferior force, and the combat will pass into history as a French tactical victory.

Edited (12/18/2011). The coloured pins next to the units, show the casualties: green: one ; orange: two and red: three.

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  1. Those "Frenchies" do it again! Another great battle report.

  2. Another excellent series! I enjoy following along with how you research your battles, and create maps and orders of battle and house rules for your games, and I enjoy the terrain and miniatures and reports. Nice work/play!