Thursday, 15 December 2011

Altenburg (V). An unexpected fall back

The tribulations of the Young Guard Cavalry continue: the Silesian Hussars break at last the Young Guard Chevauxlegers Lanciers de la Garde:

But in the other flank, the Austrian Hohenzoller #2 Chevauxlegers Regiment is routed by the French 5e Chasseurs a Cheval:

Provoking a major disaster because during their falling back from the combat, they disorder and break the Austrian Kienmayer Hussars #8 Regiment!:

Only to be charged and routed again by the French light cavalry Regiment:

Meanwhile, the Baden infantry and the transport is arriving to the safety of Rositz, protected by the deployed Guard Volante Artillery:

And the battle ends. Watch for the final result!

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  1. Those chasseurs did a great job!

  2. The French seem to be winning again! Those Austrian Hussars look good-if only they could fight as well!