Friday, 6 January 2012

The presents of the Three Wise Men

This year, their majesties (in Spain the Three Wise Men are Kings), have considered that I was a good person during the past year, so they have graciously brought to me some wargaming-related presents: two boxes of Italeri 6008 French Hussars.

Another welcome present was the book "Napoleon’s Triumph: La Grande Armée versus the Tsar’s Army. The Friedland Campaign 1807" by James R. Arnold and Ralph R. Reinertsen. Napoleon Books (2011).

And the Christmas holidays are definitely gone!


  1. Ah Rafa, you must have been a very good boy all year for Santa to bring you that lot!

  2. Yes the return to work catches up with us all far too quickly!

  3. Looks an interesting book, will you review it?

  4. Stryker: I fooled them again!

    Matt: All good things finish

    Anibal. I have not spare time, so maybe in a future