Thursday, 5 January 2012

A scenario for Song of Drums and Shakos (II)

The Scenario is ready. The Deployment of models and the Scenario Special Rules are a mix from the SDS rule-book scenarios: 'Foraging Mission' and 'Assault at the Farm'.

French On sentry duty (see map) 5 Voltigeurs. Inside the house or the wooded fence: Officer, NCO and the rest of the squad.
Austrian Deployed within 1M of the table edge or inside 1M of a wooded edge.

Scenario Special Rules
• The scenario takes place at dawn so the line of sight is reduced to 2L.
• The French on sentry duty have fixed (1M) automatic movement (do not roll for activation) in their respective influence zone (see map).
• Determine who goes first as per standard rules.
• The attacker activates and moves normally.
• The defender can move only models on sentry duty (see above) until the end of an opponent’s turn in which one of the following occurs:
     - A shot is fired
     - A model on sentry is attacked in hand-to-hand combat
     - An ambusher is spotted within 2L
• The Defenders that fail a Morale test always flee towards the house, not towards the nearest table edge.
• The stream is fordable in 1S from the bridge.
• Any model recoiling into the river must make a Quality roll or drowns. In any case, the water will spoil his shot and powder. The model cannot fire anymore until he picks up musket and ammo from a wounded model.
• After ambush is revealed, defender’s models behave normally (i.e. roll for activation and act) but no Leader (or NCO) bonus can be used by models on sentry, as long as the Officer and/or the NCO are inside the house (the fence is not taken in account).
• Models behind the fence benefit of light cover.
• Models inside the house benefit from the Leader activation bonus. As soon as the Leader is out of the house, his activation bonus applies to all models within 1L as normal.
• Both the fence and the house doors are closed. It takes an action to open or close them.
• Models can enter the house only through the door (possibly by bashing it).
• Inside the building and on the bridge models cannot pass through friends (tight quarters). Up to 2 models can be placed side by side on the bridge and up to 3 in the short side of the farm.
• Line of Sight and Arc of fire through windows. Models can fire through windows, but only with an arc of fire of 45°. Anything out of this arc and near to the wall cannot be seen.

Victory conditions
• Normal rules and morale tests apply to Austrian attackers.
• Defenders test normally (3 dice) but single models surrender with only 2 failures (instead of 3). The following Morale rules apply to defenders:
    - For 50% losses: Morale failure movements must be done toward the fence. When inside the fence models stop fleeing (remember that door is closed, and that models can jump over the fence moving 1S)
    - For Leader loss: test the NCO (if present) first. On 2 or 3 failures the entire squad surrenders. On 1 or no failures, go on testing all other models. If the NCO is killed during a subsequent turn, the defending squad surrenders

The full Scenario is also available at Googledocs


  1. Nice combination of scenarios. I will be interested to see how it plays out for you.

    (I'm waiting for them to release the Drums and Shakos for larger battles soon. I know I will buy the rules, if only to see how they handle units and all)

  2. Wow, you've been busy, Rafa! Some great stuff here.