Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wethau (I)

The combat of Wethau has started. The Augereau's plan is simple: carry out the Wethau village covered by the cavalry, while the rest of the infantry in the far right flank is trying to outflank the Austrians. On the other hand, Liechtenstein has massed his cavalry on the plain on his left flank, while awaits for the arrival of more infantry to force the French to re-cross the stream.
A massed French attack, carried out by the 3/10e and the 3/32e Ligne has broken the Austrian Jaeger #4 battalion garrisoning Wethau winning all the village for the French.

The full Aymard's brigade has deployed in the left (far) bank of the Wethau stream, ready to begin the crossing, but they must wait because the Allied cavalry is mastering the plains beyond.

The Vincent#4 Chevauxlegers have charged the 27e Chasseurs a Cheval that have crossed the stream to protect the Aymard's left flank. However, they are countercharged by the 14e Chasseurs a Cheval, that are protecting their comrades, and are routed, but not broken.

The advance of the Lagarde's brigade at the Mertendorff ford is being delayed by the presence of the Allied Streifcorps cavalry. Only the 3e Hussars is protecting that flank against the Cossack hordes and the menace of the regular Austrian cavalry.

Watch this space!

Note: The full details of the Scenario have benn uploaded to the main web site

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  1. Nice looking set up Rafa, I will enjoy watching how it comes out.


  2. All that Austrian artillery looks menacing!