Sunday, 1 April 2012

A new wargaming period?

After much thought, I have at last decided to carry out an old dream: to combine two seemingly incompatible wargaming periods: Napoleonic and Fantasy. Evidently, the idea is no new and there is at least a precedent: Flintloque is an old ruleset featuring British Orcs against French Elves, but it is a skirmish game and I searching for a game at divisional (Lasalle) or Army Corps (Napoleon's Battles).

A careful internet search has been unsuccessful so I am forced to introduce home-rules for my current rulesets. My first efforts will be addressed to integrate dragons as flying artillery: a mix of heavy artillery and light cavalry with more evasion capacities than horse artillery. Th above picture shows my old French dragoons with his new ally, providing them with a more fearful artillery support.
I am open to sugerences: Any idea?


  1. Hello! Slaughterloo is the mass-combat game in the flintloque universe:

  2. How about Prussian Werewolves and Russian Vampires? British Mermaids? ;-)

  3. Is this an April Fools thing! Both you and Burkhard got me for a minute. I have always felt that Europeans have a better sense of humor then North Americans.


  4. Estamos de broma, nooooo??? Por favoooor

  5. You got me there as well Rafa - April Fool to you to!!!

  6. Well, the only 'flying artillery' in the Napoleonic times was the Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard!
    Inocente, inocente!