Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wethau (III)

The 1/Brooder Grenzer has managed to stop the outflanking French attack by breaking the 3/10e Légère caught in the defile between the cemetery and the woods.

The all-arms Austrian Light Division is desperately buying time, while awaiting the arrival of reinforcements, while the French are trying to fan out from the Wethau bridge.

The Allied C-i-C is trying to break the French line, by pushing the French Quenet's Dragoon brigade towards Wethau, to isolate it from the rest of the French cavalry reinforcements.

The Austrian cavalry converges towards the French bridgehead in the Mertendorff's ford.

While the Cossacks try to oppose the Dragoons while awaiting the arrival of the Austrian Hussars.

The Allies must to attack or perish!


  1. It's looking good for the French then Rafa?


  2. The Austrian reinforcements are arriving so, wait and see!

  3. Are the Austrian reinforcements more cavalry?

  4. Matt.
    The reinforcements are mainly infantry

  5. We might see a reversal of fortune for the French. Would be good to see an Allied win!