Sunday, 22 April 2012

Wethau (V). The cavalry battle

The fight in the centre and near the Mertendorff ford has become a large cavalry battle. The Austrian C-i-C is using his cavalry superiority in the zone to launch a powerful all-of-all attack. The French infantry, in square or deployed in the village, can only wait the final of the combats around them.
Initially, the 22e Dragoons rejects with some difficulty the Austiran Erherzog Johann #1 Dragoons

But their comrades of the 25e Dragoons are routed (but not broken) and fall back before the Klenau #5 Chevaux-legers.

While in the extreme flank, the 18e Dragoons suffer the same fate at hands of the Austrian Kienmayer #8 Hussars

The French centre is broken at the French wings are at serious risk of becoming isolated

At the same time than their right flank is in danger to be turned by the Allied cavalry and Cossacks

The things are becoming really bad for the French!

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  1. This is turning into a bad day for the French!

  2. At last it seems we will have a comprehensive Allied victory! Bonaparte's days in power may well be numbered!

  3. There's no beating that Austrian cavalry! Hurrah - fur der Kaiser - vorwarts!