Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wethau (VI). The end

The French situation has worsened around the Mertendorff ford and the French have been forced to evacuate the village, while the Allied cavalry is trying to outflank them

In the Wethau area the things are not going better for the French, although the 2/86e de Ligne has momentarily stopped the advance of the 1/von Strauch #24 IR and their divisional artillery is firing at full speed against the Austrian cavalry

But the 2e Dragoon Regiment is broken by the Vincent#4 Chevauxlegers

and the 3/32e de Ligne is caught in the wrong formation by the Kaiser#1 Chevauxlegers and is also wiped out

The surviving French cavalry in the center is forced to retire towards the far bank of the stream

so the French wings must retire at full speed. The 51e Division from Wethau

and the 52e division from the Mertendorff ford.

The Kaiserlicks have won the day!

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  1. Excellent battle report! What next I wonder?