Sunday, 13 January 2013

More scenery items for SDS

No much wargaming these days. However, I have found some spare time to make more scenery items for Song of Drums and Shakos.

(1) Trees made from Woodlands Scenics "Tree Armatures" and "Clumped Foliage" fixed with Loctite and mounted over a 0.20 € coin.

(2) Walls made from textures found at CGTextures. The base picture is modified in Powerpoint, laser-printed and glued onto 2-mm carboard. Two strips are neccessary to make both sides of the wall.

(3) A gate for the above walls, made from cardboard following the same method than the used for the half-timbered house.

(4) A new house following a design found at the Guinea Hobbies page.

Guinea Hobbies (Algorta-Getxo in Spain) is a very friendly model-shop and I have bought several items from them, without any problem. It is a must for Spanish wargamers!


  1. Really nice assets - so you're going to try sds?

  2. Yes, I am trying it

  3. More excellent terrain pieces Rafa, nicely constructed.

  4. Nice job on these. I find the best trees are the woodland scenics you have above, but it is tough to find a glue that works.