Saturday, 2 February 2013

No hay pan para tanto chorizo!

This is a blog about one of my hobbies, Napoleonic wargaming with figures, and I rarely post here anything not related to that topic. But sometimes, the daily miseries grow and accumulate, and there is no choice but to go down to real life.
I am Spanish and proud of it, but sometimes I am deeply embarrassed by the misbehaviour of my countrymen, especially when they belong to the ruling class, government and royal family, i.e. when they are people forced more than any other to have a flawless legal performance.
The recent news about corruption affecting (1) to the top levels of the ruling Partido Popular party, and involving to Mariano Rajoy, the current prime minister, and to part of his cabinet colleagues and (2) Iñaki Urdangarin , son-in-law of King Juan Carlos I, are demoralizing and disappointing.
In these times of crisis, when the Spanish people is demanded to make sacrifices: wage cuts, loss of social rights, mass layoffs, etc., we are finding that our top ruling class has been illegally enriching for many years, defrauding the Treasury continuously.
The possiblity that they can get away with these crimes, by using legal tricks, gives an idea of ​​how corruption has installed in my country.
Democracy will allow us to clean all this misery and dirt of the public life! ... I hope

See the news in The New York Times, The Washington Post; Die Welt ; The Telegraph. (It's easy: google 'Rajoy', 'corruption', 'scandal' and so...)

The sentence of the picture is Spanish slang. 'Chorizo' (pork sausage) is used to make sandwiches, but is also a synonym of 'thief', so the sentence says that we have not sufficient bread to use all the available pork sausage, i.e. we have too many thieves!


  1. I'm sad to say that we have our own corruption scandals here, too. In Spain, though, with things so bad it must be particularly frustrating to see those supposedly serving the public enriching themselves at the public's expense instead!

  2. No añado ni quito una coma. Es que da asco. Y lo malo que no se perfila una alternativa estrcuturada que de respuesta a este escándalo de partitocracia.

  3. No nos engañemos, Rafa. Los "padres de la patria" llevan saqueando el país desde la transición, con la colaboración de bancos, grandes empresas y familias "de siempre". Lo que pasa es que ahora ya no queda nada que saquear, y por eso salta la liebre. Sólo quedamos los ciudadanos. A ver cuanto tiempo tardan en hacer leyes para vendernos como esclavos.

  4. I don't understand when people say they are "embarrassed" about their government, fellow countrymen, etc. I think anger is the emotion I would be reaching for. I guess that is because I don't feel responsible for others…

    Good luck in fighting the good fight.

  5. As an Italian, I can share almost all of your feelings. No pasaran!


  6. It is happening here as well. Selfish greed seems rather universal I am sad to say.

  7. Estimado Rafael, la democracia es solo un sistema de gobierno mas, y muy dificial de aplicar cuando se pretende gobernar multitudes. Ademas no se puede poner la esperanza en un sistema tan unido al capitalismo. Por estos países periféricos del sur del mundo aun no hemos aprendido nada y seguimos esperando que la democracia remedie los males que ella misma provoca. España tiene una historia turbulenta y heroica. Busquen en sus raíces, que también son las nuestras y allí encontrarán nuevamente el camino de la grandeza ¡Santiago y cierra España!

  8. I think it happens everywhere, where right-wing conservative governments are elected. People are duped into thinking they will cut wasteful spending and balance the budgets; in reality, all they are doings is to make their corporations friends more the wealthier! And the little workers lose their rights, their wages, their jobs, and the middle class, is eliminated!