Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A bridge not too far (for SDS)

The Kosen SDS Scenario is based around a wooden bridge in the extreme flank of the Austrian defensive line. All my miniature bridges were built for Napoleon's Battles, so they are undersized when used for 1:1 skirmish games (in the same way that my houses and trees). Therefore, a new bridge was mandatory, and this post describes some of the steps of its building.
1) The inspiration

2) The scheme (drawn on Powerpoint) and the materials used

3) The basic frame and the water painting

4) The bridge building. Square matchsticks and rounded wooden brochettes (kewers) were cut at the adequate size and glued onto the cardboard.

The bridge will be (hopefully) finished in a short time, so... watch this space!


  1. Very nice work, Rafa. I might use your idea to make one myself!

  2. Nice work, and SDS really is a lot of fun. Some of Westfalias Sets were made with this nice rule-set in mind.

  3. Great idea Rafa - it works well and looks good! I too might use your idea to do one myself.


  4. Another wonderful piece of scratch-built terrain Rafa. You have a real eye for it. You should be an engineer...!!! :-)