Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kosen for Song of Drums and Shakos

Today is holiday in Valladolid (and Castilla y León). We are celebrating the battle of Villalar (1521) when the Comuneros of Castilla were routed by the imperialist forces of Carlos I (or Charles V). It was a rout, but in that day we commemorate our autonomy from the Spanish central state! 
With no job and some hours for me, I have run the Kosen SDS Scenario (see here, here and here).
It was a fast and furious game, reaching its outcome, a French victory,  in 12 turns, including a calling for help to the Yahoo Song of Blades and Heroes forum, immediately answered by Andrea Sfiligoi and Sergio Laliscia themselves!

The French lieutenant standing amongst the fallen

The central event was a bloody encounter over the bridge involving both chief of the squads and the Grenzer sargeant. Despite their gallantry, Natporučnik (lieutenant) Kocsis and Sargeant Spasic resulted dead in that melee along other private (the "Big" brother) and other four Grenzers resulted dead around. The French had four dead (including Sargeant Funes) and two wounded fantassins in the same of the battlefield.
In addition to the bridge melee, the most striking fact was that the final shot killing Natporučnik Kocsis  (and breaking the Grenzers, was fired by a Chasseur that was previously forced to flee by the Grenzer "Big Brother" (Fear rule). Once recovered, the Chasseur fired his lucky shot. Incidentally, the question posted on the Yahoo Forum was related with the behaviour of a fleeing man after his flee moves.
A final curiosity: after the end of the fight, a French chasseur was discovered hidden behind a tree. The poor guy was forgotten during the advance!
A more detailed AAR will be posted in the next days.. If I find some spare time!

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  1. I'm not surprised he was hiding - sounds like a bloody encounter!