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Several possibilities: Another Lasalle Solo Scenario (II)

The solo Mechanics are adapted de Rich Barbuto's Solo Scenario 'Attack at Vilna')
The gaming table is divided in three (A, B, C) zones and each had 10 numbered locations. As the French enter the southern (bottom) edge of the table and move north, they would first see the enemy in zone A, moving westwards, and a die will be rolled to generate and locate Russians forces. When the French enter zone B, another set of Russian forces will be generated and the same when the French arrive to zone C.
French forces belong to Morand’s 12th Division (Bertrand’s IV Corps) and to Roussel’s 2nd Lt Cavalry Division (Sebastiani’s II Corps) and make up for a total of 14 battalions, 6 regiments, 2 foot batteries and 1 horse battery. They will be divided into Advance Guard, Main Body, Right Flank Guard and Left Flank Guard, and will enter following the blue arrows.
The Russian forces will move westwards (right to left) and belong to the Osten Sacken’s XI Corps, comprising jagers, line infantry, dragoons, hussars, several position, foot light and horse batteries, and a Cossack complement.

The number of Russian units in each zone is found by rolling 1D10.
Zone A (Russian Flank Guard) : 1-2: 3 units; 3-6: 4 units; 7-8: 5 units; 9-0: 6 units
Zones B and C (Russian Main Body) : 1-2: 6 units; 3-7: 7 units; 8-0: 8 units
The type of
Russian unit in each zone is also randomly determined:
Zone A : 1-5: Jager battalion; 6-10: Cavalry Regiment. When a Russian unit appears, an additional 1D10 will determine the presence of Cossacks: 1 – 5 : No Cossacks ; 6 -0 : Cossack Pulk.
Zone B : 1-5: Line Battalion; 6-7: Cavalry Regiment; 8-0: Battery
Zone C :1-7: Line Battalion; 8: Cavalry Regiment; 9-0: Battery
The location of each
Russian unit is decided by the roll of 1D10. Only one Russian unit can be in a same point in zone A, whereas zones B and C allow for two units on the same spot.
The disposition of the Russian unit is also determined with 1D10
Zone A: 1 – 5: in march column; 6 – 0: deployed facing South (Cossacks always face South)
Zones A and B: 1 -2 : in march column ; 5 – 0: deployed facing South

To be continued

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