Sunday, 28 April 2013

The AAR of Surprise at Kosen (A SDS Scenario)

I have found some spare time today (winter weather helps!) to compose the AAR of the last SDS Scenario, "Surprise at Kosen". You can see below some highlights:

The alarm has been sounded and the Grenzer sentinel opens fire while the French are approaching under the cover of the cemetery walls
French and Grenzer are facing across the stream after the first moments

The hand to hand combat on the bridge is becoming more and more bloody

The French and grenzer officers are fighting one with another

A lucky French shot kills the Grenzer officer before he could finish the fallen French lieutenant

A 'forgotten' Chasseur watches his officer standing defiantly amongst a pile of wounded and dead men

A more detailed account (40 pictures) has been uploaded to the main web site (here) along with the Scenario rules (here). The game was fast and fun (including a forgotten Chasseur and the redemption of a previously frightened Chasseur!) and the Activation step was carried out by using the Doghi’s mechanism.

Enjoy it!

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  1. Very nice pictures, with a great battlefield, I do like your ground, very realistic!!

  2. que interesante y promotor de wargames historico, genial!
    aver si tengio tiempo para jugar algun dia.. entre tanta pintura.