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Raguhn for Lasalle. French dispositions and home-rules

I have decided for Raguhn as the name of the new Lasalle Scenario. In the real world, that town was the final destination of Osten-Sacken's forces when escaping from French pursuit and the point where they crossed the Mulde River, thus reaching safety with the rest of the Blucher's Silesian Army.
In previous posts I have described the historical background and general situation, the OOB's and the map and Solo mechanisms ruling the Russian deployment. Is now the time for the French dispositions, the special scenario rules and the conditions for victory.

French dispositions
The French forces belong to Morand’s 12th Division (Bertrand’s IV Corps) and Roussel’s 2nd Lt Cavalry Division (Sebastiani’s II Corps) and make up for a total of 14 infantry battalions, 6 cavalry regiments and 2 foot and 1 horse batteries. All these units will be used, and must be divided into Advance Guard, Main Body, Right Flank Guard and Left Flank Guard and will enter following the blue arrows of the game map. My assignment of units and commanders was:
Advance Guard (Enter in Move 1, central green arrow)
Belair (-1/¶) (1st Brigade/12th Division)
1/8e Leger R/E/SK2
2/8e Leger R/E/SK2
3/8e Leger R/E/SK2
4e Chev-Leg Lanciers R/E/Pu/Ln
Left Flank Guard (Reinforcements, left green arrow)
Roussel (-1/¶) (2rd Light Cavalry Division)
4/8e Leger R/E/SK2
5e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
9e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
7/1 Horse Battery Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Right Flank Guard (Reinforcements, right green arrow)
Lagrange (-/¶) (8th Light Cavalry Brigade)
2e Chev-Leg Lanciers R/E/Pu/Ln
11e Chasseurs a Cheval R/A/Pu
3/137e Ligne R/E/SK2
Main Body (Reinforcements, central green arrow)
Bertrand (+1/*) (C-i-C )
Morand (+1/*) (12th Division )
2nd Brigade Toussaint (+1/*)
1/13e Ligne R/E/SK2
2/13e Ligne R/E/SK2
3/13e Ligne R/E/SK2
4/13e Ligne R/E/SK2
3rd Brigade Hulot (+1/*)
1/23e Ligne R/E/SK2
2/23e Ligne R/E/SK2
4/23e Ligne R/E/SK2
1/137e Ligne R/E/SK2
2/137e Ligne R/E/SK2
1/2 Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
3/2 Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
7th Light Cavalry Brigade Dommanget (-/-)
12e Chasseurs a Cheval R/A/Pu

Situation at the start and Reinforcements
There are not units in the table map at the start of the game (see map). The French Advance Guard enters in turn 1. The rest of the French units may enter as reinforcements. Use 2D6 for the Arrival Turn (p. 91 of e-Lasalle). The units arrive in march or attack column as desired.
The Russians units enter according to the Solo mechanisms described elsewhere. Try to maintain the integrity of the organic brigades and divisions.

Optional rule: Irregular cavalry (Cossacks)
Lasalle does not allow Irregular units to charge regular ones in open terrain, so this rule try to remediate this apparent anomaly.
1) Irregular cavalry units may charge enemy units standing in 'limbered' or 'march column' formation in open terrain.
2) Irregular cavalry units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge in open terrain.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat' the irregular cavalry unit is immediately broken.

Optional rule: Assaults of defiles (bridges and fords)
Tha Raguhn tablemap contain several bridges and fords (open terrain) corssing several stremas (rough terrain). To profit from the advantages of bridges and fords, the units must be in march column formation. Any other formation used to move across a stream is affected by the rough terrain penalizations. If a unit whishes to charge across a bridge or ford in march formation (a possibility not allowed by Lasalle rulebook), use the following optional rule:
1) A march column can assault a defile like a bridge, a fortified gate, a ford, etc. It represents not only true march columns, but also all those formations with a very reduced front.
2) It fights at 1/2 dice and with no previous shooting, adding a -2 for "bad terrain" as they will be fighting in cramped quarters.
3) The enemy can use the "cover" or "higher elevation" modifiers when applicable.
3) However the small front, the enemy never halves their dice

Victory conditions
The French goal is to block the Russian retreat, while the Russians must to accomplish the contrary. The victory assignment must be made on the basis of the total number of Russian units exiting by the west side of the table, but taking in account that the Russian units not appearing actually on the table are assumed to have escaped French detection. The following table list one possible Victory table as a function of the percentage of these escaping Russians units.

75% - 100%   Russian Victory
50% - 75%     Drawn battle
25% - 50%     French minor Victory
Under 25%     French major Victory

However, this table must be game tested.

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