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Pirna. The forces in action

The Pirna Scenario will be a fighting retreat: the French must avoid the Russian retreat towards Bohemia. Russain mix of forces was commanded by Ostermann-Tolstoi and the french by Vandamme

Russian forces
16 Battalions/5 Regiments/3 Cossacks/ 6 batteries
Initial Army Moral 37, Break point 12; Total Army Moral 52, Break point 17


C-i-C Osterman-Tolstoy (+1/-)
2nd Corps Wurttemberg (-1/¶)
3rd Division Schachafskoy (-1/-)
1st Brigade Salfinski (-/-)

  1/Revel IR R/E/SK1
  2/Revel IR R/E/SK1
  1/4th Jaeger R/E/SK2
  2/4th Jager R/E/SK2
2nd Brigade Wolf (-/¶)
  1/Mourman IR R/E/SK1
  2/Mourman IR R/E/SK1
  1/Tchernigov IR R/E/SK1
  2/Tchernigov IR R/E/SK1
4th Division Pischnitzky (+1/*)
1st Brigade Treffurt (+1/¶)
  1/Tobolsk IR R/E/SK1
  2/Tobolsk IR R/E/SK1
  1/Minsk IR R/E/SK1
  2/Minsk IR R/E/SK1
Position Bat #5 Foot/4guns/H/1Hw
Light Bat. #13 Foot/4guns/M/1Hw

Cavalry Corps Pahlen III (-1/¶)
Cossack Brigade: Kuriatov (+1/-)

  Rabinov #2 S/I/Pu
  Jagodin #2 S/I/Pu
  Gorin #2 S/I/Pu
1st Hussar Division Milesinov (-/*)
1st Brigade Rüdinger (-/¶)

  Grodno HR V/E/Pu
  Soum HR V/E/Pu
2nd Brigade Schufanov (-1/-)
  Loubny HR V/E/Pu
Horse B #6 Horse/3guns/M/2Hw
Horse B #7 Horse/3guns/M/2Hw

5th (Guard Corps) Yermolov (-1/¶)
1st Guard Division Rosen (+1/-)
1st Brigade Potemkin (-/-)

  1/Preobragenski G. IR V/E/SK1/Guard
  2/Preobragenski G. IR V/E/SK1/Guard
  1/Semenovski G. IR V/E/SK1/Guard
  2/Semenovski G. IR V/E/SK1/Guard
Guard Position Bat #2 Foot/4guns/H/1Hw
Guard Light Bat. #1 Foot/4guns/M/1Hw

Guard Cavalry Brigade Saxe-Coburg (-/¶)
  Empress Cuirassiers V/E/Sh/Guard
  Guard Uhlans V/E/Sh/Guard +
Two baggage wagon train units

French forces
French II Corps
18 Battalions/6 Regiments/6 Batteries
Initial Army Moral 41 Break point 14; Total Army Moral 57, Break point 19


C-i-C Vandamme (+1/-)
1st Division Philippon(-/*)
1e Brigade Puchelon(-/¶)

  1/37e Légère R/A/SK1 +
  2/37e Légère R/A/SK1
  1/12e Ligne R/A/SK1
  2/12e Ligne R/A/SK1
  3/12e Ligne R/A/SK1
2e Brigade Fezenzac (-/¶)
  1/17e Ligne R/A/SK1
  2/17e Ligne R/A/SK1
  3/17e Ligne R/A/SK1
  1/36e Légère R/A/SK1 +
8/2e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
15/9e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
2nd Division Dumonceau (-/¶)
1e Brigade Dunesme (+1/-)

  1/13e Légère R/A/SK1 +
  2/13e Légère R/A/SK1
  1/25e Ligne R/A/SK1
  2/25e Ligne R/A/SK1
  3/25e Ligne R/A/SK1
23/3e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
Reserve Artillery
9/8e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/H/1Hw
6/7e Artillerie Foot 3Guns/H/1Hw

21 Light Cavalry Brigade Gobrecht (-1/-)
  9e Chev-Lg Lanciers Regiment R/E/Pu/ln
  Anhalt Jager zu Pferd R/A/Pu
2/4e Horse Artillery Horse 2Guns/M/1Hw

1e Light Cavalry Division (I Cavalry Corps) Corbineau (-/-)
2nd Light Cavalry Brigade Montmarie (-/*)

  16e Chassers a Cheval Regiment R/A/Pu
  3e Chev-Leg Lanciers Regiment R/E/Pu/Ln
3rd Light Cavalry Brigade Heimrodt (+1/-)
  5e Chev-Leg Lanciers Regiment R/E/Pu/Ln
  Italian Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu

1e Brigade (23rd Division) Quiot (+1/-)
  1/85e Ligne R/A/SK1
  2/85e Ligne R/A/SK1
  3/55e Ligne R/A/SK1
  4/55e Ligne R/A/SK1

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