Saturday, 24 August 2013

In the middle of the Leipzig's bicenntenial

We are now in the middle of the bicentennial of the Leipzig's Campaign, the reason behind this blog.
After the end of the Armistice of Poischwitz (August 16, 1813) and with the incoporation of the Austrian Empire to the 6th Coalition, the Allies began the implementation of the Plan of Trachtenberg, avoiding direct confrontation with Napoleon, retreating if necessary, but attacking his lieutenants whenever they were in inferiority.
This plan was successful, and the Allied victories followed one after another, until the Allied armies encircled and defeated the Emperor at Lepizig (16-19 October 1813), forcing him back to the Rhine and thus finishing a campaign that would eventually end with the Napoleon's abdication, when the Allies went into France in the winter of 1813-1814.
I have solo playedt many of these battles, along with some other real or ficiticious minor engagements. The 'big' battles were played at brigade great-tactical scale with Napoleon's Battles (NB), whereas the minor engagements were fought with my own tactical divisional or regimental version of NB or with Lasalle, the ruleset I have finally adopted for these divisional-size affaires. Song of Drums and Shakos, the last incoporation to my rulesets, is being used for skirmish combats.
Whereas this blog is mainly used for the day-to-day description of my wargaming activities, the full AAR's and pictures, can be found at the main web site Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures. The list of played battles and combats is large, and although the bicentennial of the Campaign of Leipzig will end the next december, I expect to increase it in the next years to come. Visit the following links for the Scenarios played with Napoleon's Battles, Lasalle and Song of Drums and Shakos
Below you can see pictures of some of these old games played at three different scales

Dresden (1st day) played with Napoleon's Battles
Connewitz (Battle of Leipzig) played with Lasalle
Surprise at Kosen (Austrian Grenzers vs. French Chasseurs) played with Song of Drums and Shakos


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  1. Your website is a marvellous source of information and inspiration Rafa. I have used and visited it often since I 'found' it back in 2009/10. Great news that you plan to expand it, thanks!


  2. Happy 200th, Rafa! I hope you get a lot more enjoyment from recreating these battles.

  3. I agree with James about the resources on your website - a brillant resource. I have followed your blog for years and it remains one of my favourites!

    Will we ever see you refight Leipzig in one big game?