Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Painting time: French Hussars (I)

Hussar regiments of all nations were a constant presence in the Napoleonic battlefields. Although the main military function of the Hussards, and the rest of the light cavalry units like chasseurs a cheval, mounted jaegers, light dragoons and similar, was to serve as the eyes and ears of the main army, forming a fundamental part of the outposts, rear guards, flanking forces, etc., the Hussars considered themselves part of the elite of the cavalry and as such, they seeking the glory participating in the main fighting cobats, along the rest of his comrades of medium or heavy cavalry units.
From a wargamer point of view, the similarity between the characteristic and flamboyant uniforms of the Hussars, allow to use a few basic sets, which can be transformed by simple painting or through head swapp, making easy to built Hussar units for most of the countries that took part in the Napoleonic wars. In my own case, and after more 30 wargaming years, I have at my disposition Hussars of almost all nations with all sort of uniformes... with an only exception: I have not French Hussars wearing the cylindrical 'shako-rouleau' that become fashionable in the last years of the Empire and during the successive restorations.
Taking advantage of the last summer days, I have decided to remedy this shortage... but, plastics or metal figures?
The only available 1/72 plastic set wearing shako-rouleau is the Strelets 095 'Guides of Napoleon' (really 'Scouts' or Eclaireurs) of the Imperial Guard. However, the Eclaireurs are not in Hussar uniform so they are not adequate, although their heads can be used in combination with more standard Hussar sets (as I did made for the Austrian Hussars). Due to the unavailability in Spain of the Strelets set, I finally decided for Newline Designs metal figures, and I have placed an order for 24F17 French Hussars Charging unit pack (currently at a 25% discount) that according to the enclosing picture, taken from their web site, are wearing the shako-rouleau.

Picture of the Newline Designs site. 3rd. Hussars?
For the French Hussar facings, there are several good internet sites. I have chosen The Napoleonic Wargamer page (currently off?), but you can used other good alternatives, like the Napoleon-Series or any of the Uniformology links of my own site

The next question to be answered is the chosen regiment(s) to be painted.

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  1. Metal figures Rafa, now there is a turn up! I look forward to seeing the painted results.

    As to a regiment(s), the 5e and 7e are two of my favourites, but then so are the 2e, 3e, 4e, 10e and 11e—particularly for some 'different' colour combinations. Why not merely do all 12 (or 14) of them?!!! (ha, ha)

  2. These metal figs have a fantastic detail that there has done a good job of bringing to life.

    The brushwork is great and the photography is superb!

    I look forward to your finished works!