Sunday, 11 August 2013

Off topics: ELITE Dangerous

Elite was one of the first computer games I played, back in the 80's, on my Commodore 64 home computer. In Elite you were a trader flying from planet to planet, carrying goods, fighting the pirates, and using the profits to upgrade your spaceship. Even I reached the 'Archangel' grade, reserved to commanders achieving the destruction of a space station in a system invaded by the Thargoids (the bad guys of the game). When I changed my Commodore 64 for a more 'serious' PC clone, I played Frontier Elite II and its sequel Frontier: First Encounters, although really was my son Sergio who actually played these last two versions!

Elte screens in the 80's. Crude but effective graphics!
After many legal problems, the game go away from scene, substituted by 'state of the art' games, but it still remains as one of the best computer games ever. Some freeware and shareware versions can be still found in internet, and after an inconcluded open-code Elite 4 project, David Braben (one of the initial Elite designers) has launched a new project, financed through crowfounding, named Elite: Dangerous, to be released in 2014. See below a game teaser.

I am waiting for the final releasing!

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  1. Hi Rafa - some of those old games were great. I remember have a battle of Britain game on my old AMIGA that I played over and over again. The graphics would look ridiculous now but the game was completely gripping. Fantstic graphics and processor speed alone don't make for a good game!

  2. I remember being hooked on that game, too! I used to play it at a mate's place so long we lost track of time. Ah, memories!

  3. I played it, first in Spectrum, and later in a Amstrad 1512... good game!!