Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The (unfortunate) debut of the Soumy Hussars

The Soumy (Soumskii) Hussar Regiment is the last addition to my miniature armies (see here and here for the painting process). During the battle of Pirna, they were brigaded along the Grodno Hussar in the Rüdinger's 1st Brigade of the Milesinov's 1st Hussar Division in the Pahlen III's Cavalry Corps (see here for the OOB).
With some excitement, I did attend his first combat during the 4th turn of the Pirna combat. The Milesinov's Brigade was screening the Russian central sector, when it received the order to charge the German-French 21e Light Cavalry Brigade.
See below the graphical sequence of their fatal fate.

The leading Russian unit, the Grodno Hussars, receiving the converging fire of the French artillery
The Soumy Hussars also suffered, in a lesser extension, the accurate artillery fire
The Anhalt Jager zu Pferd charge the Grodno Hussars
And the Soumy Hussars countercharge to help their comrades
But the Grodno Hussars fall back leaving alone the Soumy Hussars
That are broken by the German Jagers in the subsequent hand-to-hand combat!
Has anyone had a similar frustrating experience with his/her best painted unit?: only 4 turns played and they were broken!

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  1. It's the curse of the new unit, Rafa! Any new unit making its debut will suffer at the hands of the dice gods! :-D

  2. Agree with Johnny - the newest (and usually best painted) units always run, leaving the battered and flaking paint units to hold the day!

  3. That was a nasty 'valley of death' formed by those French batteries.

    Anhalt jäger zu pferde; now that's a unit not commonly seen on wargames tables!

  4. Yes Rafa - it always seems to happen to me to!