Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pirna for Lasalle (IV)

Vandamme launches a global attack in the central sector

The sheer weight of French numbers breaks the 1/Semenovski Russian Guards...
... while the 1/Mourman IR rejects the assault of the  2/13e Legere.
But the Anhalt Chevau-Legers Regiment breaks the last Russian regular cavalry unit, the Grodno Hussars ...
... and the 7e Chevau-legers Lanciers break the Russian Horse Battery #7...
... although the surprised 2/Preobragenski Russian Guards reject the subsequent attack of the German cavalry...
... and the heroic Russian Jaegers maintain their positions in the wood against the French cavalry
Despite the Russian heroism, the whole Russian line is tumbling while the baggage wagons remain halted near the cemetery!

To be continued

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