Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Don Featherstone passes

I have received very sad news from several internet wargaming groups.

“I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news but I have just heard that Don Featherstone passed away. I saw him a few weeks ago for one of his military dining club dinners and he was in good spirits but very frail. Unfortunately he had a fall and was discovered collapsed by a neighbour. He was taken into Southampton hospital and had been there a while but his general conditioned deteriorated. I have no other details only that he died yesterday. As I said I am so sorry to have to give you this news but thought you'd like to know.”
The quote is from Bill Gray, the chairman of the NapoleonicFireandFury group.

Donald Featherstone was one of the pioneers of the historical miniature wargaming. I discovered him and his books in the 80's when I went seriously into the hobby. I own some of his works: War Game Campaigns, Advanced War Games and Solo-Wargaming (the last only as a set of old and fading photocopies).
The signature below, corresponds to my copy of War Games Campaigns

Requiescat In Pace!

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  1. Una pena, el padre del wargame moderno y bien conocido incluso en estas tierras del sur, en especial por aquellos que pintamos canas. Menudo tesoro tienes, Rafa

  2. Very sad indeed.

  3. He was probably the first and biggest influence on my wargaming and miniatures hobby. I used to check out his books all the time when I was a kid in the 60's.
    He lived a good long life, contributed greatly to the hobby, provided inspiration to many of us, and was productive until very late in life.