Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The diorama of Croebern is finished

A brief message from Wolfgang Meyer has announced the completion of the Croebern diorama. According to his own words (translated from German):

"After seven years working on Cröbern diorama is now finally over. On 18.08.2013, the last figures were placed. The Cröbern diorama is finished and it turned out exactly as I had always imagined.
With the help of my wife and my friends Daniela and Patrick the Great diorama could be built over.
Currently I am working on the documentation of the project. The first exhibition will be in October at Markham (Germany). There will available a book about the project and a DVD."

You can see further details in the two websites of the project: Croebern-1813 and Geschichte in Miniaturen. I recommend to explore both websites in full, using a translating tool if you (like me) are not fluent in German.

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