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Grunberg. The map and the Scenario rules

The streams Schopau and Floha delimit an area of land, approximately rectangular in shape, elongated in direction north-south, and closed on three sides, west, north and east. The slopes near the banks of both streams are very steep and the terrain rises abruptly to form a central plateau, in which lies the village of Grunberg. Towards the south, the slopes are more smooth because of the absence of water courses. The terrain around Grunberg is generally open, although there are wooded areas near the banks of the two streams.

The above Google Maps map shows the zone with a sumperimposed black-outlined rectangle representing my game table, with dimensions 4,4 x 3,5 km (1:2,200 scale). On the contrary, the red-outlined box is drawn at my Lasalle scale (1;1,000), so there is a distortion of the terrain scale, and the game table will cover a surface larger than the "real" one.

The above picture is the proposed table-game. The Floha stream curve has been straightened to produce more fighting space in the far bank of the stream. The 'fog of war' (i.e. the available scenery and terrain modules) can modify the final shape of the table.

Scenario Rules
The basic duration of the game is 24 turns (3 hours). Seven dice are used, instead five, to test Army Moral. Bonus Turns are allowed rolling 2D6 p. 66 of the e-Lasalle book).

The French are the attackers and the first side.

Reinforcements Edited October 13, 2013
Austrian units, not marked as reinforcements, can deploy in any site south of the stream (with a maximum of one unit in the north bank). Austrian reinforcements may enter in the following areas:
Infantry A5-B5-C5 (20%/30%/50%); Cavalry A5-B5-C5 (40%/40%/20%)
French units, not marked as reinforcements, must deploy north of the stream. However, the Light Cavalry brigades of the 1st Light Cavalry Division may deploy at A4 (in the turn 3) or A5 (in the turn 5) if desired, or diced for if desired or diced for, one infantry brigade and/or one Light Cavalry brigade may deploy at A4 and/or A5, These detached brigades arrive automatically at turn 3 (if deployed in A4) or turn 5 (if deployed in A5). 'Normal' French reinforcements may enter in the following areas:
Infantry C1-D1-D2 (30%/50%/20%); Cavalry C1-D1-D2 (20%/40%/40%)
The units arrive in march or attack column formation as desired. Each commander arrives with his first unit. Each brigade arrives separately.
With the exception of the French 1st Light Cavalry Division, detached brigades, all 'normal’ reinforcements follow the Lasalle arrival rules (p. 91 of e-Lasalle).

Assault of defiles
1) A march column can assault a defile like a bridge, a fortified gate, a fort, etc. It represents not only true march columns, but also all those formations with a very reduced front.
2) It fights at 1/2 dice and with no previous shooting, adding a -2 for "bad terrain" as they will be fighting in cramped quarters.
3) The enemy can use the "cover" or "higher elevation" modifiers when applicable.
3) However the small front, the enemy never halves their dice

Victory conditions
This is an encounter battle and neither side is looking for specific objectives, so the standard Lasalle rules are of application.

Watch this space!

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