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Grunberg. The strategic situation and the forces

The actual combat of Grunberg, which forms the basis for this Lasalle scenario, was a skirmish that took place between the pickets of the advance guard of the Austrian Murray's division (3rd Abteilung) and a French mixed force of infantry (II Corps) and light cavalry (I and V Cavalry Corps). The combat was fought in the area between the Zschopau and Floha streams. Taken by surprise initially, the Austrians resisted the attacks of the French cavalry and finally retreated westward over the Zschopau in Erdmannsdorf, leaving the field to the victorious French.

The above map shows a schematic representation of the movements of the involved forces, according to the narrative in the p. 74 of the Nafziger'sNapoleon at Leipzig: The Battle of Nations 1813” book, where the combat is named Schellenberg. The map itself was found in the GeoGREIF repository (see this post)

The orders of battle were taken initially from the Nafziger OOB's for the battle of Leipzig, with some additions and reshuffling to make a more interesting game... and also to add the French Hussar Regiments in 'shako-rouleau' recently finished!

French Army
16 Battalions/8 Regiments/3 Batteries
Army Moral 47 Break point 16

Marechal Claude-Victor Perrin (a.k.a. Victor)
C-i-C Victor (-/-)

6th Division Vial (+1/-)
1st Brigade Valory (-/*)
  1/11th Légère Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/11th Légère Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/4th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/4th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  4/4th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Bronikowski (-/-)
  1/2nd Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/2nd Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/18th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/18th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
25/3rd Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
26/3rd Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

1st Light Cavalry Division Berckheim (+1/¶)
7th Light Cavalry Brigade Dommanget (-/*)
  5th Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
  9th Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
3rd Light Cavalry Brigade Picquet (-/*)
  5th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment R/E/Pu/La
  8th Chevauléger-lancier Regiment R/E/Pu/La

5th Division Dufour (-/¶)
1st Brigade Estko (+1/*)
  1/26th Légère Regiment R/A/SK1
  2/26th Légère Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/93rd Line Regiment Godard (+1/-))
  2/93rd Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  4/93rd Line Regiment R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Brenaud (-/-)
  1/46th Line Regiment R/A/SK1
  1/72nd Line Regiment R/A/SK1
13/5th Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

V Cavalry Corps Pajol (-/-)
9e Light Cavalry Division Subervie (-/-)
32 Light Cavalry Brigade Klicky (+1/-)
  3e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
  26e Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu
33 Light Cavalry Brigade Vial (-1/-)
  14e Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu
  27e Chasseurs à Cheval R/A/Pu

Austrian Army
14 Battalions/2 Regiments/4 batteries
Moral 52 Break point 17

General Ignácz (Ignaz) Gyulay Graf von Maros-Németh und Nádaska

C-i-C Gyulai (-1/-)
2nd Division Murray (+1/-)
1st Brigade Lamezan-Salins (-1/-)
  1/Erzherzog Ludwig IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Erzherzog Ludwig IR R/E/SK1 +
  1/Würzburg IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Würzburg IR R/E/SK1 +
  6pdr Brigade Battery Foot 4guns/M
2nd Brigade Löwenwarth (-/¶)
  1/Mariassy IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Mariassy IR R/E/SK1 +
  1/Gyulai IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Gyulai IR R/E/SK1 +
  6pd Brigade Battery Foot 4guns/M

1st Division Crenneville (-/¶)
Brigade Hecht (-/¶)
  1/Warasdiner Kreuzer Grenz R/A/SK1 + R/I/SK2 +
  1/Warasdiner St. George Grenz R/A/SK1 + R/I/SK2 +
  Klenau Chevauleger R/E/Pu +
  Rosenberg Chevauleger R/E/Pu +
  6pdr Cavalry Battery Horse 2guns/M/1Hw

3rd Division Hessen-Homburg (-/-)
1st Brigade Czollich (-/¶)
  1/Kottulinsky IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Kottulinsky IR R/E/SK1 +
  1/Kaiser Franz IR R/E/SK1 +
  2/Kaiser Franz IR R/E/SK1 +
  6pdr Brigade Battery Foot 4guns/M

(1) + are large Lasalle units.

Next, the game map and the scenario rules

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